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Çanakkale / Gallipoli (Gallipoli), one of the most magnificent cities in history
one of the most beautiful locations
1915 Çanakkale Bridge view
Villa Park Gallipoli, consisting of 62 5+1 Villas, Social Facility and Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool on an area of approximately 50 decares
  Its villas range from 450 m2 to 850 m2 with garden, 40m2 pool for anyone who wishes, above-the-line architecture, enriched social facilities, high real estate value and  luxury concept, 
Canakkale Bosphorus View offers more than you can imagine. 80% of the project consists of green and open space,
  To Istanbul     The project location is at a distance of 2.5 hours, 30 minutes to Çanakkale and 3.5 hours to İzmir, adjacent to important cities. Special life
Gardens in front of each villa, private swimming pool if desired
  such as personalized landscape afforestation,  can become personal space. With the security cameras to be positioned within the site, it will have a system where you can feel safe 24/7 and at the same time do not view private living spaces.

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